Off the Page

Calligraphy by Cami is going in a new direction!  I am sooooo excited about this!

No longer is my work confined to paper.  Gone are the days of fitting everything into an 8 x 10 or a 11 x 14 that is suitable for framing.  Want to go larger?  Want to cover a huge space on your wall?  Want to customize something with my calligraphy?  Want me to write on an object that may be difficult to make permanent?

Decals are the answer!

I was contacted by a bride this past fall who wanted me to write on a white mailbox for the guests to put their cards in at the reception.  We wanted to make it permanent so it could actually be used in the future so I contacted my friend Lauren at Ten23 Designs and discovered that she can take my work and blow it up – make it smaller – whatever is needed.  How exciting is this???

The possibilities are endless!  

Have a special scripture or quote you want for that empty wall????  I do!  I have had a wall in my kitchen and I’ve known exactly what I wanted on it – but I didn’t want to paint the Calligraphy myself.  I’m having it done in a decal – can’t wait for it to come in!

Need a custom Rubber Stamp?  Had an inquiry for that yesterday.

I’m so so excited about all of this – it opens up so many opportunities.

Got an idea?  Let’s take it off the page……

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