New Font Style!

Another New Lettering Style!
To be honest with you, when I first started my business in 2005, I had one lettering style.  It was the classic Calligraphy font that you learn in class.  For a few years, if anyone asked me to do anything different, I was terrified and referred them to another calligrapher.  
In the last few years, I’ve taken on the challenge and I LOVE IT!!!!  My confidence has grown and I LOVE to play and create something new.
This bride is a friend of the family.  She loved the style of the Emily lettering – how it’s sideways and mixed with block letters.  But she wondered if we could get the names to match the lettering on her invite. 
I took the challenge!!!!  
Love the way it turned out and so did she.
I’ve named this one “Jessi” in her honor.
Contact me if you have a new lettering style you would like me to try……

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