Hand Made Place Cards

LOVE these!!!!
The Mother of the Bride has been working on these for a while.  She contacted be several months ago, sent me a sample place card, along with a knob so we could make sure that my ink wouldn’t bleed and I would have enough room to write with the knobs in place.
I love it when people are willing to think outside the “norm.”  She cut each of these place cards – including the pattern in the top and then soaked them in both coffee and tea.  It created an awesome antique look – not to mention, it made the best smelling paper I have ever worked with!  Each place card is held up with a classic looking drawer pull or knob.
It’s been so much fun working on this wedding.  She quickly became known as my “Knob lady.”  
Congratulations Taylor & Nick!  I hope your day is awesome!!!!

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