Custom Projects

It’s not unusual for me to address hundreds of envelopes each week.  Every once in a while, a custom order is thrown in.  This week I am doing nothing but custom orders!  Well, okay – I have one envelope addressing job for tomorrow – but otherwise all the rest will be special projects.

Each one is special – personalized for the client.  I have wedding vows coming up – on both parchment and photo mats.  I have a special letter that the matron of honor and sister of the bride wrote as a toast at the wedding.  And tonight I finally finished a marriage prayer, along with two letters/poems to be given to the in-laws.

I simply LOVE my job!  I love addressing envelopes and adding that final touch to pull the invitations together.  I love to see a brides face light up when she sees my finished work with her invites.  It’s priceless.  But I also enjoy taking the time to work on keepsake items that will be framed and hung in someone’s home for years to come.  It is such an honor.

 These are both 8 x 10’s on natural parchment with black italic

Love this prayer 
This is a 16 x 20 on natural custom paper with blue script
Congratulations Neal & Katie!!!!

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